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E-Learning  Management  System

E-Learning Management System

Connect Infosoft provides highly customizable, highly targeted eLearning solutions to optimize your talent. Rather than assigning eLearning initiatives randomly, Connect Infosoft addresses your training with skill gaps and identified competency in order to increase organizational efficiency and productivity. We understand your risk about compliance is genuine. This way, Connect Infosoft features a strong eLearning management system to fulfill licensing requirements and to manage both recurring and one-time certification needs of any kind.

We know that hiring is for one time, but development of workforce lasts forever. This way, you may like to have learning management software which can develop your staff constantly, so that they will grow as your company grows. This way, our LMS system is built on open, unified and worldwide cloud platform which can be accessed from anywhere by your users. It boasts world-class features to ease both formal and social e-Learning.  It features ongoing and compliance education, certifications, commercial training, personality training, content management and development, collaboration, powerful assessment and testing and virtual, entertaining classroom feeling.

We have learning management system which allows companies to implement learning strategies of any kind into the business and have best configurations to save both money and time. With our eLearning Management System, you can change administration-based and classroom-like environment into a real learner-based process which delivers engagement and development of high level for your whole network of clients, associates and employees. Scroll on to discover more about Connect Infosoft and how we can make your company grow your ROI rapidly when it comes to e-Learning.

Learning Management

The LMS or Learning Management System from Content Infosoft helps companies to deploy and publish media-rich and engaging content. We have an assessment, testing and collaboration applications and pre-loaded templates on our eLearning software to design and launch your courses without having any programming knowhow. Here are some of its features–

  1. LMS Developer License
  2. Offline Player
  3. Publisher of the course
  4. Connectivity to 25000+ eLearning Titles from the best eLearning Providers

Training by an Instructor

This way, we guarantee you that your employees achieve proper insight and know how in a collaborative, head-to-head setting. Not only engagement of your employees will increase with this option, but your company can also get more ideas for development plans from your well-trained employees. Here are some of its features- 

  1. Vendor/Planner Management
  2. Event Direction
  3. Integration for Virtual Classroom
  4. Automatic Roster Administration and Registration

Social Involvement

For more interactivity in eLearning software, we have a complete platform for social involvement of employees. This way, we are capable to deliver feature-rich user profiles, tag clouds, expertise location, live feeds access, status updates, sharing/rating content, blogs, knowledge management, podcasts, RSS feeds and even more. Check out its features–

  1. Communities and groups
  2. Connections and networking along discrete population of employees
  3. Status updates, live feed access and feature rich user profiles
  4. Document management

Certification & Compliance Management

The compliance module at Connect Infosoft automates the company’s administration with real-time, clear visibility into the regularity activities of your company. Here are some of its features–

  1. Compliance & Forms Management
  2. Customized Certifications
  3. Automatic Planning for Development
  4. Visibility into Compliance Activities of the Company

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