Q1. What is Connect Infosoft and where is it located?

A. Connect Infosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT outsourcing company based in New Delhi, India; partnered with USA companies. We have a clientele based globally.

Q2. What are your proficiencies?

A. We are a team of well qualified project managers, developers, designers and consultants. The whole team is a full fleshed package of knowledge, experience and expertise on all the latest technology prevalent in the web development industry. We are quite proficient in web development, web application development, mobile application development and SEO services.

Q3. So, do you have your own development center?

A. Yes, we do have our own well equipped development center. We hire resources on our payroll and never outsource any work to outsiders.

Q4. Great!! So how are you going to help me?

A. We can provide you a dedicated team for your project. As this team will be outsourced to you, you will be saving up to 60% of the project expenses. You can cut your payroll costs and need not to worry about payment of appraisals or bonus.

Q5. Are you sure you can provide me uninterrupted services sitting on the other side of the world and there will be no communication gap?

A. Of course, we are well equipped with high speed uninterrupted internet connection and all the latest technology required to carry out web development services. As far as communication is concerned, our entire resources are well trained for soft skills and are proficient in English language.

Q6. May I know whom you have worked with before?

A. Yes sure, you can have a look at our testimonial page for that.

Q7. Is there any minimum number of developers that I have to hire for some minimum period? Will they be dedicated for my project only?

A. No, there is no such restriction and it absolutely depends on your project requirements. All resources hired by you will be dedicated to your project only.

Q8. How much time does it takes from hiring a team to getting them started on my project?

A. It only takes 1 to 2 working days while we make a team ready for you and some unavoidable formalities are completed.

Q9. What are the modes of payment and major contract terms?

A. We accept bank wire transfer, PayPal and all major credit cards. The contract terms will be mailed to you and you can carefully go through it before we get it signed.

Q10. How would I ensure that the team dedicated to my project has the proper skill set and expertise?

A. Well, it’s your project so you have all the rights to test your team before you hire them. You can test their technical skills and make yourself satisfied you their expertise level. You can view their resume, the current projects they have worked on and can interview them personally.

Q11. Do I need to hire a tester separately or it’s provided by you along with development?

A. We do provide preliminary testing along with development. But, if you need very high quality testing then you need to hire a dedicated tester.

Q12. How do I communicate with my hired team during the development and how will they report me?

A. You can communicate with your team through e-mails, telephone calls, instant chat messengers and video conferencing. They will be sending you all the reports daily, weekly or monthly based on your demand and requirements. We also have our own project management system where we can manage our projects, clients and resources, payments etc online. It is a very transparent way of tracking your project progress anytime and anywhere.

Q13. And in case I am not happy with the performance of my team, is there any other way out?

A. In that case you always have the option to change the resource(s) and carry on with the new team member just as before.

Q14. What if I realize in the mid of the project that the size of my team is too large or small as per my requirement?

A. Even if you have signed the contract, you can change the size of your team as per the requirements that come along with the progress of the project. We can modify the contract as per the requirement.

Q15. Are you sure you can manage the implementation part well from an outsource center?

A. Of course! We have been outsourcing our services since last ten years and we have a lot of experience in implementing projects in the best possible manner. We are well equipped to handle any kind of issues related to implementation.

Q16. Well this is most important, how will you assure me of data security?

A. This part of your worry can be easily resolved with our contract terms. The “Confidentiality”, “Intellectual Property Rights” and “Source Code Delivery” sections of our contract clearly state that we will keep all information and data related to your organization and project confidential and source code will be delivered to you after the completion of the project.

Q17. How do we deal with the contract renewal and contract termination? Do we sign Non- Disclosure agreement?

A. After the completion of every contracted period, you can renew the contract and carry on with your hired team. If you would like to terminate a contract, you may do this with a prior written notice of at least 30 days. Yes, we do sign a nondisclosure agreement with all our clients.

Q18. Could you give me a good reason to hire your developers when there are other developers in the market?

A. Our team has experience of working for various industries using different technologies. Their vast experience is reflected through our portfolio. Most importantly, they not only work as per the specifications provided by you but provide consultation whenever needed to provide you a quality product. We are not much interested in providing you services at cheapest rate but a quality work at a genuine price. We believe this is what our clients expect from us too.

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