human resource management system

Human Resource Management System


Human Resource is surely one of the most important parts of any organization. It is crucial part of any business company that has the HRMS or human resource management system. In earlier times factories and big industries used to find it really difficult to manage and control a large amount of human resources since they did not have the proper HRM application to control or manage it. There are actually a lot of things that requires proper management when you are working with talent, skills and human resources. Some of the most common things that are needed to be managed on a regular basis is the salary calculations, leaves taken, resumes of new candidates, joining of new resources, employee records payroll managements, banking details, and many more. Thus any business organization or an industry would require a sophisticated HRM application to make it an easy deal.


At Connect Infosoft Technologies we offer HRM application that will not only help you keep all your employee records updated, but it will also help you to reduce cost of HR management in your company. With the growing cost of business organization it becomes an imperative to find solutions that will help in saving cost to company. Our HRM application enables the HR management to manage complete HR administration job, keeping every record updated and accessible.  


Since our HRM application can provide comprehensive solution for your HR management system, it saves a lot for your organization as you may not require many resources for the HR department. The Connect Infosoft Technologies provide unique HRM solutions for their clients. The HRMS is the most essential solution for any corporate today. The HRMS has been developing for the past twenty years now. Initially there were quite a few constraints that the business organization and corporate faced. But with the proper implementation of the HRM application empowered the HR departments. With further development in the application process the HRMS enhanced to such an amount that it became an indispensible part of any corporate organization.             



The influx of human resources in every sector required a proper HR administration and maintenance of employee records. The most interesting features that actually make the work of HR easier are the modular packages of the Human Resources Management System. The series application of the HRMS has helped the corporate immensely. At Connect Infosoft Technologies we provide HRM application at very affordable prices. Whether it is a big corporate of a midsized we offer customized solution for all our client.     



The HRM solutions offered by Connect Infosoft Technologies provide comprehensive benefits for the HR departments as well as for the employees in the organization. Now a days the business organization and the corporate can understand the value of HRM application through software applications. The development in software technologies has helped the HR management immensely. The softwares applications are user friendly and enable everyone in the HR department to use it. While it has already attained the sophistication of providing effortless solution for the business organizations, there is even more scope of further development.        


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  • Login  

  • Dashboard  

    The dashboard gives you a quick overview of following things:


     1. It displays name of recently added, modified employees, reminders and quick activities

     2. It provides shortcuts to every module in the application.


  • Employee Master  
    Employee Master

    This module deals with the management of Employee Information which includes:


    Personal Details, Qualification Details, Documents Details, Contact Details, Family Information, Medical Details, Hire date information etc.

  • Time & Attendance  
    Time & Attendance

    This module is to manage daily attendance of selected employee.


    It provide facility to view schedule of months in calendar format.

  • Talent Management  
    Talent Management

    This module is to manage the skills of highly skilled workers.

    It consists of following section:

    1. Performance appraisal type

    2. Performance appraisal item

    3. Create performnace appraisal

    4. View performance appraisal

    5. Performance appraisal grade

  • Absence Management  
    Absence Management

    This module stores details related to employee absences from work or their absence of physical presence from the working office.


    This allows employers to record/ monitor and act upon an employee's absence.

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