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Software  Development

Recognizing an inefficient process in your organization is not always easy. Limited scalability, staff familiarity and resistance to change are a few of the reasons that prevents your business from operating at its optimum. To identify processes that would benefit from automation, as well as those that are already working well, is the focus of our practice. Connect Infosoft’s IT consulting group help companies to respond to these challenges by leveraging practical, leading edge technologies to transform their business strategies and transitioning their IT capabilities (Organization, process and enabling technologies) into the era of the internet, extranets and network computing.

Application Software Development


Software application development consists a large part of our business. Simply put, we do it right! As your partners in solving IT challenges, we provide the know-how and the expertise to develop, integrate and run,  the information systems which are so crucial for enhancing your workforce. Our clients benefit from our success and proven skills by getting the best of both worlds, the quality which the vest demands along with the cost-effective world class IT expertise from India. We apply industry standard techniques and best practices. We follow the strict testing and quality control standards and have a team dedicated to this activity. Regular trainings and technology seminars help the development team to keep their skills updated and encourage professionalism in our engineers. All our software professionals are well qualified with degrees from well known universities.

Outsourcing Software Application Development


Connect Infosoft has a pool of extremely well qualified engineers and a well equipped development center. It is geared up to take on the activity at your office by placing engineers on site. We additionally handle the implementation, management and support for your company’s internal information systems infrastructure through staff supplementation and facilities management. The work could also include new requirements for existing projects, bug fixes, changing business or technical environments, and adding functionality such as a new module or new reports.

Connect Infosoft provides the added advantage of taking on the above mentioned work on its own development site.

Outsourcing software applications development helps the customer:

  1. To re-allocate valuable in-house resources to more strategic activities.
  2. To benefit by leveraging on the skill sets of our developers and software specialists, thus bringing in high quality at a lower cost.
  3. To improve bottom-line resulting from reduced costs of application management.
  4. To have better control over IS/IT matters- smartly allocating best-fit recources for current maintenance and future development.
  5. To improved IS/IT customer satisfaction- ability to adequately delegate responsibilities with additional resources.
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