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Content Management System and eCommerce-Special CMS and eCommerce Offers :-


During the early days of any new business your budget is often the main consideration with any decision you have to make.
The cost of designing a website will vary from company to company, but as well as finding the most competitive quote for your website design and hosting project you need to ensure you will be getting an effective quality website design and you will also need to know that your web hosting is reliable.

The design of your new website can be in line with your existing corporate identity and promotional material, or if you prefer, we can create a completely new identity for you. If you are not entirely sure what type of web site will be required to meet your goals, we can assist you in making an informed decision.

India custom CMS and eCommerce Services

This special offer includes 5 pages website design , 5 products management and paypal integration (Including CMS)

  1. A custom-designed 5-page web site for your business - This will not be built from a template, but designed according to agreed specifications.
  2. Backend Content Managment System.
  3. 5 Products Management.
  4. Submission of your site to the leading search engines.
  5. FREE consultation - We will not charge you to discuss the development of your web site by phone or email.

  6. Note : For any extra works, extra cost will be charged as per the company hourly rate.

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